„Service and development are the passion of Styria Media IT and Styria Digital Services.“

Infrastructure Solutions are an important key aspect

Our Infrastructure Service forms an important key aspect in modern computing and supports the entire Styria Media Group in managing daily core business tasks. It consists of a privately owned Tier 3 data center and professionally trained and certified employees, designers and operators, to guarantee highest IT standards, availability, reliability and flexibility.

Media Solutions

Great Media Solutions for print and digital

Our Media Solutions team manages all STYRIA print- and advertisement systems reaching from print layout planning to exporting articles for digital publishing. We support our clients to develop new products and services for readers and advertisers. Applications such as image archive, publisher reporting, document management or intranet solutions are also part of our portfolio.

Commercial & Logistic Solutions

Developing Commercial & Logistic Solutions

Our team supports the entire Styria Media Group with CRM and SAP ERP consulting services for developing and maintaining Commercial and Logistic Solutions. We manage processes starting from gathering information about our clients, products, initial offers, issuing invoices to receiving payments. Moreover, we provide services to external publishers. These solutions are managed by employees in the Competence Centers: “SAP”, “Logistics” and “Other Solutions”.

Mobile Development

Welcome to the IT Group Service Desk

Our IT Group Service Desk is the heart of Styria Media IT. It is the central contact point for all IT service related tasks within the Styria Media Group. For us, availability, friendliness and competence are highly important factors. Our expert center “Workplace & Client Management” is responsible for all technical devices of our clients, and the expert center “Communication” is responsible for all communication services.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting with 24/7 support

Our web hosting team in Croatia is specialized in delivering high-performance, high-availability and fully managed hosting services. We are the biggest hosting provider in Croatia with 77% desktop and 80% mobile reach and serve clients in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. We offer fast and reliable 24/7 engineering support, automated alerting systems as well as the latest hardware and software technology. By running our own data center, we are ready to expand more than 100% to support STYRIA’s brands as well as many other external partners.

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Core CMS

Core CMS Development for digital content

Our Core Development Team is operating our self-developed CMS “Octopus” within Vienna and Graz. We are constantly optimising our CMS, tailoring it to our publisher’s needs. For the development process, user experience and frontend interface design are as important as stability and availability at the backend.

Web Development

State of the art Web Development

Our Web Development Team thinks web, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We cover UX/UI design of our Styria brands’ portals, product specifications and programming of online tools for our internal units. Simply put, we cover all front-end related topics within the Styria Media Group.

IT Group Service Desk

Smart devices - the Mobile Development

Our Mobile Development division uses cutting-edge technology to develop apps for our clients’ needs to deploy these services on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The team is responlible to bring the clients’ vision to life using the most advanced technology, tools and skills needed to deliver high-quality products in the field of digital publishing, broadcasting, sales and classifieds.

Digital Lab

Look out for innovation and ideas – the Digital Lab

Our Digital Lab acts as a technological “talent pool” for idea- and innovation development. Forming a separate unit of Styria Digital Services, it operates across all departments within the Styria Media Group as well as with external cooperating partners, such as research facilities, academies, universities and technological start-ups.

Online marketing is key - Performance Marketing

Our Digital Performance Unit (DPU) is the central online marketing agency and responsible for all online marketing activities within the Styria Media Group. The team specialises in web analytics, SEO, SEM, social media, UX, email marketing and big data, to support the entire group in digital sales.

Support for all brands - our Product Management

Our Product Management supports our brands during all development stages of new digital products. We consult our clients in the field of content- and traffic management and develop social media strategies to increase the performance and reach of digital products.

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