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„Through our innovative take on digital publishing and our passion for print, we are driven to deliver state-of-the-art media it solutions to all our brand and clients.”

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By understanding traditional information technology as well as striving for technological advances, we opt to introduce innovative ideas within the changing media landscape while providing a stable, secure and efficient environment. To achieve this symbiosis between innovation and basic IT services, Styria Media Technology is divided into two interacting sections ...

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Styria Media IT is responsible for all traditional information technology topics. It provides not only a solid IT infrastructure including customer service (Group Service Desk) but also reliable media as well as commercial & logistics solution services for all print related brands and clients.

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Styria Digital Services develops solutions for all digital products in the Styria Group including CMS development, web- and mobile app development, as well as SEO and digital performance analytics.

„Changes call for innovation - innovation leads to progress.“

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„5 offices in austria and 1 office in Croatia provide the structure for service and innovation. Contact us!“

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